Warlord Revolution

Warlord Revolution
Warlord Revolution

                                                                                  Warlord Revolution



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Its time to take action and to do good for the people in Warlord Revolution. Enter the fight against terrorism in the first-person-shooting game with the real environment. Gear up in warlord revolution and fight for peace and prosperity. With beautiful graphics, easy controls and smooth gameplay experience the great first person shooting game with multiple levels.

Have a courage to take a stand, fight the terrorists, and save lives of other field operatives captured by terrorists? Then gear up and play the ultimate first person shooting game with a lot of excellent features.

Warlord Revolution has the following features

Real game environment
Beautiful game graphics
Easy player movement controls
Multiple Weapons & Weapons Swapping
Player health bar and auto enemy aiming
Multiple Game Modes
Game Achievements
Social Media sharing
And much more…

Download and Play Warlord Revolution now for free. How can we improve this revolutionary warlord, please let us know.

Warlord Revolution is available at: